What is the capacity of Heart of the Ranch?

Heart of the Ranch is a flexible venue that can host a variety of event sizes ranging from small, intimate gatherings to large-scale events. The maximum capacity is 1,200 guests.

Will other events occur on the day of my event?

When an event is booked at Heart of the Ranch, the space is dedicated to that one event.

Are outside vendors allowed?

We welcome you to use the Catering, Bartending and Florist vendors of your choice. Grand Events is the exclsuive rental provider for Heart of the Ranch, all event rentals must be contracted through Grand Events, including but not limited to, tents, stages, dance floors, tables, chairs, linens, etc. A fee of $500 will be implemented for use of an outside vendor for rental items.

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is permitted on-site. All alcohol shall be served by bartenders licensed by the Texas Alcohlic Beverage Commission. No bar may be open for a period of time exceeding 5 hours.

What furnishings are provided in the rental?

Furnishings included in the rental of the venue are six tables with benches, five wine barrels, a wooden bar and four cabanas. The Event Host is responsible for moving items to their desired locations.

Is there security on-site?

A uniformed, off-duty Fort Worth Police Department officer shall be required for any Event in which alcohol is served, or which inclues more than 150 guests. One FWPD officer required for 250 guests. FWPD officer(s) are required to be on-site at the start of the Event and untill all guests have left the premises. CF Events will secure all officers. The Event Host is responsible for the cost associated with this service. Each FWPD officer is billed at $55/hour.

Can engagement/bridal photos be taken on-site.

Absoutely. Booked events can schedule a time for a one-hour photo session on site. To be respectful of other events, it is asked that photo sessions be scheduled between Sunday and Thursday. The venue is also available for rental for private photo sessions. Please contact us in advance to make arrangements.

Is the throwing of birdseeds, rice, flower petals, etc. allowed?

Due to the outdoor nature, no confetti, birdseeds, flower petals or rice are allowed to be thrown on the grounds.

What happens if it rains on the day of my Event?

Heart of the Ranch is not responsible for weather related interruptions or inconveniences. We suggest having a contingency plan in case of inclement weather. If necessary, your Event may be rescheduled for another available date at no charge.

Are restrooms on-site?

Heart of the Ranch does not have restrooms on-site. However, we do offer luxury two and three stall restroom trailers for rental.

I cannot find Heart of the Ranch on my GPS?

Heart of the Ranch may not be recognized by some GPS or mapping devices. Please use the Location link on our website for a map and directions.

What is your clean up policy?

CF Events provides trash cans, trash liners and an on-site dumpster. Event Host and its vendors shall be responsible for the removal of all personal items, decorations, trash, rental items and other items not furnished by CF Events. Event Host and its vendors are responsible for the clean up of the venue to be completed within the dedicated timeframe. Events exceeding 300 guests are required to hire an outside vendor to assist with clean up throughout and after the event. The venue should be in the same general condition at the conclusion of the event, as at the beginning of the event. Failure to follow this procedure will result in losee of the damage deposit, plus any additional cleaning fees required.